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GOP Refuses to take “Yes” for an Answer

The Republicans want a seat at the table, then argue why it won’t work.  Sure they are two-faced hypocrites.  Don’t worry, WorldClassDouchebag will have plenty of examples of Democrats too.

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Hypocrisy On Parade. Countdown Nails the Douches

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Joe the Douchebag

Joe the Plumber goes off on McCain, says he ‘screwed up my life’
Joe, get it, you were, are, and will be a NOBODY. No one made you go along with the McCain campaign or ride the bus. McCain made you and you dump on him, qualifying you as a Douchbag. You are a plumber (unlicensed) and an international news correspondent from Israel. Please, run for Congress. You represent Douchebags with distinction.

Joe the Plumber goes off on McCain, says he ‘screwed up my life’ – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.
Joe the Plumber is no longer a fan of either Sarah Palin or John McCain, it seems.

Joe, also known as Sam Wurzelbacher, told an audience in Pennsylvania this week that McCain “is no public servant.”

“McCain was trying to use me,” Wurzelbacher said, according to public radio correspondent Scott Detrow. “I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”

“I don’t owe him s—,” Wurzelbacher continued. “He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

In fact, Wurzelbacher’s dislike for McCain is so strong that he no longer supports Sarah Palin simply because Palin will campaign for McCain’s re-election.

As for Obama: “I think his ideology is un-American, but he’s one of the more honest politicians. At least he told us what he wanted to do.”


Rush Limbaugh proves he is a Retard Douchebag

Half Ex-Gov Sarah Palin a F&cking Retard

Steven Colbert discovers Palin’s core values, handprompter vs teleprompter, and why Rush can call people retards. We can all use her defense when calling someone a retard and be politically correct. See how.


Say it isn’t so part-term Gov. Sarah Palin, Genius

Please, no she didn’t write your key values on your hand. Run Sarah Run. She is just too fun to watch. Unfortunately, I feel like I lose IQ points just watching her. Maybe she should try a teleprompter.


NH Rep. Nancy Elliott discusing anal sex

This would classify as an awkward moment in a legislative committee hearing.


McCain vs McCain “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

We like Sen McCain and wish he won in 2000. But time is passing him by. Don’t be such a douche John, try to keep up.