Who is the Bigger Douche: Nathan Deal or Karen Handel for Losing to Deal

GA Sec of State Karen Handel lost by less than 1% in a runoff to Nathan Deal.  When you look at what Deal is all about, she must be humiliated losing that freakshow candidate.

[excerpted from dailykos]  Nathan Deal is already a homophobic birther who quit Congress rather than face his ethics charges.  Now it’s been revealed that he can’t manage his money, makes bad (not to mention unethical) buisness decisions, and might have helped his son-in-law break the law.

This is the man who should be leading the state of Georgia?  And, Handel couldn’t beat him?  What she such a stupid loyalist to the GOP she denied the facts?

In mid September:

It has not been a good week for Nathan Deal, the republican candidate for governor here in Georgia.

Wednesday – Story breaks he’s in 2.5 million dollars in debt due to his son-in-law and daughter’s failed business.

Thursday – Story breaks he’s in another 2.5 million dollars in debt with his business that has been implicated in his ethics scandal.

Friday – Poll released showing a tied race

and now Today – Story breaks Deal’s son-in-law, who filed for bankruptcy with Deal’s daughter in 2009 leaving Deal with the bad loan, also filed for bankruptcy 2001 and failed to disclose it in 2009, breaking the law.  And it looks like Deal knew about it.

Bankruptcy experts said Wilder’s November 2001 bankruptcy made him ineligible to have his debts discharged when he filed again in July 2009. The Wilders did not disclose the previous bankruptcy in the 2009 filing as the law requires.

The Deal campaign acknowledged the previous 2001 bankruptcy of the former congressman’s son-in-law, but spokesman Brian Robinson wouldn’t say when Deal became aware of it.

What did Deal know and when did he know it?

Deal is hyping up how he is a family man, and is in debt up to his eyeballs for his family.  Surely a family man would know his son-in-law filed for bankruptcy in 2001 well before 2009.

Then why didn’t Nathan Deal disclose to the bankruptcy court this his son-in-law had a prior bankruptcy in 2009?  Does being a family man extend to helping his daughter and son-in-law break the law?

And the big one, did Nathan Deal help cover up his family’s law breaking?

Sounds like it to me.

Georgia’s governorship is IN PLAY!  Head over to Barnes’s site and consider dropping a donation in.  Unfortunately, GA is so Republican that he will win, be indicted, resign…   Good time to be Lt. Gov…..  who is also a joke.

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