Scaring White People for Fun & Profit

Fox loves to scare the poop out of white folks with made up statistics and hysterical rants with no basis in fact. Plus, they keep repeating lies even after being corrected. Phoenix kidnapping capital? FALSE… See McCain, Kyle repeat bogus statistics because they can inflame white people. Crime is actually down in Phoenix and Arizona …

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Fox News Acorn Report: Fox is the Fraud

There really was an Acorn scandal. After Fox News blasted Acorn on their pimped up video, it seems like the only ones who broke the law were the “investigators.” When the full, unedited reports are seen, the truth is the opposite what Fox reported. In fact, the Acorn reported the “pimp” to the police. See …

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Fox Freaks on NASA and Muslims

Watch the Fox anchor’s reactions to using NASA to help relations (like Reagan said) with other countries, and even more frightening, the building of Mosques in our communities. FOX, False Obnoxious Xenophobic, shows its true character. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c


Energy Independence: A brief history lesson

The Daily show again demonstrated some great research and video editing showing the last 8 US Presidents declaring a move toward energy independence.  Maybe this show the forces for change are blocked by industrial interests, or perhaps Members of Congress lack the gonads to act, or there just hasn’t been enough pain to motive change. …

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Glenn Beck–Nazi Fetish Douchebag

From RawStory: Recently, Glenn Beck has claimed to be outraged that a new Arizona immigration law that requires people to carry proof of citizenship is being compared to Nazi Germany. Comedy Central’s Lewis Black is even more outraged, since he believes Beck is a hypocrite. Last month on his Fox News show, Beck attacked opponents …

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