NJ Gov Chris Christie Blame Obama–OOPS–Our Bad.

Rotund Gov. Christie faults Obama because his people made an error which costs the state millions.  “Why didn’t they just tell us?”  They did you Douche, but then you couldn’t be a victim if you said that. Then he fired his guy. This douche is the new white hope? Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world …

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Fox News Acorn Report: Fox is the Fraud

There really was an Acorn scandal. After Fox News blasted Acorn on their pimped up video, it seems like the only ones who broke the law were the “investigators.” When the full, unedited reports are seen, the truth is the opposite what Fox reported. In fact, the Acorn reported the “pimp” to the police. See …

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Glenn Beck–Nazi Fetish Douchebag

From RawStory: Recently, Glenn Beck has claimed to be outraged that a new Arizona immigration law that requires people to carry proof of citizenship is being compared to Nazi Germany. Comedy Central’s Lewis Black is even more outraged, since he believes Beck is a hypocrite. Last month on his Fox News show, Beck attacked opponents …

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Gov. Bobbyi Jindal: “Party of ‘NO’ Hurts our Feeling”

What a Boneheaded GOP Douchebag From ThinkProgress.org Today in his speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) complained that characterizations of the GOP as the “Party of No” are hurtful: Speaker Pelosi likes to call the Republicans the ‘Party of No.’ Some of us, we don’t like the way that …

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What’s Wrong with a Good Tickle Fight? Wonders ex-Rep. Eric Massa

OK, there is certainly more to this story, so he quits and runs.  Rep. Massa wants to see the health care bill defeated, says he is the deciding vote, so what does he do?  RESIGN like a total Douchebag. Why?  Was it from his admitted “tickle fights with staffers in a house they shared”?  Massa …

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