Fox News Acorn Report: Fox is the Fraud

There really was an Acorn scandal. After Fox News blasted Acorn on their pimped up video, it seems like the only ones who broke the law were the “investigators.” When the full, unedited reports are seen, the truth is the opposite what Fox reported. In fact, the Acorn reported the “pimp” to the police. See …

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Glenn Beck–Nazi Fetish Douchebag

From RawStory: Recently, Glenn Beck has claimed to be outraged that a new Arizona immigration law that requires people to carry proof of citizenship is being compared to Nazi Germany. Comedy Central’s Lewis Black is even more outraged, since he believes Beck is a hypocrite. Last month on his Fox News show, Beck attacked opponents …

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What is a Douchebag?

-noun A person “in the news” or a “public person” who: 1) has an inflated sense of self-worth 2) who is a shameless hypocrite 3) a phoney, fake, impostor, poser 4) a self-promoter at the expense of others A person who has an over-inflated sense of self-worth behaving ridiculously with no sense of moronic he …

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